The Trigger is a Sound Pressure level (SPL) Monitor that monitors the room sound level based on a user definable db level setting. The Trigger is also design to link with other Fitness Audio products to actively limit the sound based on accurate live sound readings while in use. The adjustable setting range for the 79-109 dB in 3dB steps. Green is normal operation, Yellow LED's light up 6 dB before the preset noise limit is reached, Red LED's light at the target limit volume level, Full Red is exceeding your limit and if paired with a Fitness Audio Aeromix Mixer or Fitness Audio Gov'nor SPL Limiter, the Trigger will send the activation signal to control the volume. Perfect for all those who need an accurate but simple noise indicator e.g. in Fitness Clubs, schools, youth clubs, music rooms, and offices.

The Trigger Mixer Package - Aeromix 2+2 or Mini
The Trigger Package is a combination of the Trigger and the Aeromix 2+2SR or the Aeromix Mini. When the Trigger is paired with the Aeromix Mixers the Trigger (when the limit is reached for 2 continuous seconds) will activate the ‘Audio Slap’ feature in the mixer and the audio will be ducked 15 db (for 2 seconds to 1 minute depending on the user defined settings for the mixer mute).  This Combo is for Temporary Sound Reduction of 15 db from the Trigger setting at the user defined time limit - Audio Slap!

The Trigger Limiter Package or Aeromix 3+5LS
The Trigger Package is a combination of the Trigger and the Govnor SPL Limiter or Aeromix 3+5LS. Connect the Trigger to the Govnor or Aeromix 3+5LS, set the desired volume level and when the limit is peaked for 2 seconds the Trigger will activate the Govnor’s or Aeromix 3+5LS limiter circuitry to limit the volume defined by the Trigger.  This Combo is for Sound Limiting at the User Defined Limit.

Trigger - SPL Active Monitor

Trigger (shown above)

Wall mountable sound pressure level (SPL) monitor with linkable feature to control sound system volume limits when connected to Govnor Limiter & Aeormix 3+5LS or Audio Slap instructors 15 db when connected to the Aeromix 2+2SR & Mini

Part#  LM-1

MSRP $199.99

Quick Look:

  1. Use as stand alone indicator or linked with Aeromix 2+2DC, or Mini (for Temporary Sound Muting) or Aeromix 3+5LS, SPL-2 Govnor Limiter (for Sound Limiting).

  2. Range 79 - 109 dB

  3. Adjustable set points 3 dB increments

  4. A or C weighted readings to most accurately read your room

  5. Mounting holes on rear

  6. Link for Aeromix 2+2DC / Govnor Limiter - Molex Plug input - use 24 guage or larger - 3 wire - CAT 5 is acceptable

  7. Size 3” x 11” x 1.5” 

  8. under 1 lbs

Your Best Bet for Sweat!
Your Best Bet for Sweat!