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Our fitness microphone system.  Built for fitness with a single on/off switch, coated circuit board, and no antenna wire on the transmitter pack.  16 channel selectable for those cities that have crowded airwaves or for facilities that want to have a single transmitter as a spare... More...

When choosing a wireless mic system for fitness there are several things to keep in mind.  First is the environment that the system will be used.  Fitness is very sweat intensive and abusive (whether intentional or not).  Even the best cared for system in a fitness facility can become sweaty and grimy due to an extensive work load and consistent handling.  Most major brands were designed for the casual user - a couple times a week for a couple of hours - not 6 to 10 hours a day, changing users hourly, on an active, sweating instructor.  Each class format has a different sweat and abuse component depending on what is being taught - Aerobics vs Cycling vs Yoga vs Aquatic (deck side) vs Aquatic (in pool) - and each format has its own special hazard for the wireless system.

Second is product design.  Does that transmitter have an antenna wire on the transmitter pack that will eventually need to be repaired?  Is the circuit board sweat protected?  Are there holes in the transmitter case?  What kind of connector is used to join the headset to the transmitter pack? The answer to all of these questions makes a huge difference on how the mic system performs in the fitness environment. 

And finally, the electronic bells and whistles on the wireless system is secondary to its durability and reliability.  Fitness instructors are not sophisticated users looking for the latest in technology, most never get more than 15’ from the sound system/receiver and are speaking over pre-recorded music.  Their concerns are loud and clear - no static, no interference, no drop-outs, and easy to operate.

Our systems address all of the fitness durability issues and deliver on performance.

Our latest edition of the Fitness Audio line of wireless microphone systems - the MT-U8-II Mini Transmitter is on it’s way.  Built for fitness, the Mini Transmitter is an 8 channel frequency agile UHF, uses a AAA battery, and designed for the Aeromic, Cyclemic, and E-mic Headsets... More...

Our 2.4 Digital Wireless Microphone Systems with Frequency Hopping - Our latest Digital System is here!  Built for fitness, the Digital 2.4 is a dual channel receiver that carries 3 frequencies simultaneously for each channel for clear reception, uses AA rechargeable batteries, and designed for the Aeromic, Cyclemic, and E-mic Headsets... More...

Your Best Bet for Sweat!
Your Best Bet for Sweat!

DX6 Digital 2.4 Frequency Hopping