Quick Look:

  1. Easy One-Time Set-up

  2. Lock-out cover plate for adjustment knobs.

  3. Linkable with the Trigger - active SPL monitor for true room readings


SPL Limiter.  Single rack space.  Rack mountable.


MSRP $379.99


Wall mountable sound pressure level (SPL) monitor with linkable feature to control sound system volume limits when connected to Govnor and/or Aeromix Mixers

Part#  TR-1

MSRP $199.99

SPL Limiter - Gov^nor

Introducing The Gov^nor! Our Sound Pressure Level Limiter that puts the brakes on the loudness level and make it easier for Fitness Clubs, Function Centers, Shops, Pubs and Clubs comply with Occupational Health & Safety Laws regarding noise in the workplace - when that “noise” is pre-recorded music with our without a fitness instructor or DJ talking over the top of it.

Use it in the manual mode and set it up referencing a handheld SPL Meter for the noise level limit or link it up to a Trigger Monitoring Panel and have a 24/7 control over how loud the sound system will play irrespective of whether the room is full of bodies or just with a few.

The front panel features an attractive Green to Yellow to Red Left & Right LED Bar display that gives an indication of how loud the system is playing to the operator and there’s nothing else to touch but the power on/off switch.

The 4 controls on the back are protected by a security panel that can be set and sealed with wire seals against tampering. When used with the Trigger it is basically tamperproof - turn it or the Trigger off or unplug either and you lose signal to the power-amp, turn the Trigger switch off and you lose signal to the amp.

Let the Trigger and The Gov^nor keep control of the upper loudness level of your sound systems.

Gov’nor / Trigger at CEDIA 2014

Your Best Bet for Sweat!
Your Best Bet for Sweat!