The premier fitness microphone.  Sweat-resistant technology designed from the ground up to handle 50 classes per week for 2 years - for less than 10 cents per class.  More...


Microphones are one of the most used and abused tools for a fitness instructor.   Many of the best selling models by the major brands aren’t truly designed and built for fitness.  They lack the necessary sweat resistant technology and features needed to make them truly worth of fitness use.  Their mics were made for a general user that might teach a fitness class, but not a true fitness professional or facility that requires the highest quality and durability from their fitness microphones. 

We help you get it right.  Our microphones are built to the highest fitness standards - and tested to meet rigorous fitness standards.  They are a bit more than the major brands, but the investment is worth the performance - in essence, you get what you pay for when you buy the right product. Check out your options below.


The premier Cycling microphone.  Sweat-resistant technology same as the Aeromic -  50 classes per week for 2 years - for less than 10 cents per class.  More...



Basic Fitness Microphone Information that will help you get the most out of your investment and answer some of your other questions.

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The best quality light use microphone.  Sweat-resistant & waterproof technology - 20 classes per week for a year - under $200 - in Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, and now Green, Orange, and Purple.  More...

Your Best Bet for Sweat!

Some instructors need their own headset when traveling from location to location - Our light use fitness headset FM41 is a great option with it’s comfortable metal frame, swappable cable, with different universal connector options...   More...

Your Best Bet for Sweat!