Aeromix 3+5LS

Quick Look:

  1. 3 Mic inputs - 2 Combo XLR/TRS, 1TRS

  2. 3 Music inputs - (2 pair) RCA on rear, (1) 1/4” TRS in front

  3. TRS outputs (1 pair), Subwoofer output with Crossover & Mono bypass, MOM output (music only monitor for stage monitor)

  4. Master Volume on rear panel - recessed

  5. Dynamic or Static Noise reduction with link option for Trigger SPL Listening device for Dynamic limiting

  6. Digital out for streaming classes

  7. Dedicated BGM rear volume control for Instructor-less classes

  8. EVAC Link - where required by code

  9. Rack mountable - 1 Rack Space

  10. iJax Connection Cable included

  11. 24V power supply for the quietest fitness mixer on the market!

  12. Heavy duty raised & hooded D-shafts knobs and pots for rust prevention.

This is our upgrade to the industry standard for fitness mixers -  the Aeromix 3+5LS Mixer was designed specifically for fitness instructors but has all the upgrades a professional sound installer needs to put together the best sounding room and keeping a reasonable budget. We’ve kept the same great easy to use feature set expected in the Aeromix line and added more inputs, an additional mic input on the front for walk ups, and abackground music option for instructor-less classes.  Added sound features include built in dynamic or static sound limiting (depending if our Trigger SPL listing device is used), digital output for computer streaming when necessary, subwoofer output with crossover, music only monitor out for giving the instructors music beat ques for teaching, and BGM with independent volume control for instructor-less classes.  As with all of our mixers this is an analog option so at tech is not needed when issue arise, most can be handled over the phone, thus saving costly service calls for simple corrections.

Dynamic limiting can be achieved by connection our Trigger SPL Meter (optional) to the mixer and mounting it in the room - set the desired db level and the mixer will limit the sound when the level is met - the real benefit is that your set level vs the equipment volume settings will vary depending on class size (more bodies require more sound, but reduce the actual sound).  For initial set-up, the Aeromix has a hidden Master Volume on the back of the unit to preset the room master volume.  Easy set-up with CAT 5 wire for Trigger Power and Trigger Link (cable not supplied).  Static limiting is achieved by using a handheld meter in the room and adjusting the audio levels to the desired level with the hidden master volume control.

The Aeromix line of mixers has not change much over the years in terms of top build quality, best sound quality with the lowest noise floor of any mixer in and around the price point, easy to use feature set - we are the  best! 


Trigger (shown right)

Wall mountable sound pressure level (SPL) monitor with linkable feature to control sound system volume limits when connected to Govnor Limiter or Audio Slap instructors 15 db when connected to the Aeromix 2+2DC

Part#  LM-1

MSRP $199.99

AEROMIX 3+5LS (shown below)

The ultimate fitness mixer 3 mic inputs (with bass & treble adjustment), 5 music inputs (with bass & treble adjustment), iJax for MP3 players, hidden master volume control, Trigger link for Sound Limiting, 2 pairs of outputs.

Part#  AMX3+5LS

MSRP $649.99

Your Best Bet for Sweat!
Your Best Bet for Sweat!