FM41 is the ideal fitness mic for the single instructor - personal mic.  With a waterproofed capsule and replaceable cable kit an instructor that teaches in multiple facilities can easily replace their cable/connector kit to match a different brand of transmitter - eliminating the need for multiple mics. We have also gone with our Multi Mic connector for T4 & T3 connectors.  This allows any our mic to work with any T4 transmitter no matter how it is wired - same goes for T3’s - 3.5mm connector and HRS 4 pin wire/connector kits are also offered.  Our warranty falls in line with the rest of our fitness rated microphones as well (rated up to 7 classes per week for 1 year against sweat death for a single instructor).


FM41 light use fitness microphone perfect for the individual instructor.  Please specify connector style /transmitter brand when ordering.

Part#  FM41-XX

MSRP $129.99

Quick Look:

  1. Metal Frame - Firm but flexible enough for comfort and durability

  2. Waterproof Capsule

  3. Swappable Cable Kits with Multi Mic Connector makes it easy for instructors on the move - the cables can be replaced or swapped when a different brand of transmitter is used - we have also added a Multi Mic connector fo T4 that allows mic to work with any T4 transmitter - same the for our T3 version.

  4. Cable Kits Come in T4 Multi Mic, T3 Multi Mic, 3.5mm, and HRS 4pin - connectors shown left are similar, actual connectors are different.  MultiMic for this version are black inserts.

  5. Snap-Back style headband adjustment

  6. 1 year - 7 classes per week warranty - single instructor


FM41 Windscreens

FM41 Replacement Windscreens - Factory Fit

Part#  WS-FM41

MSRP $3.00


Your Best Bet for Sweat!
Your Best Bet for Sweat!

T4 & T3 MultiMic Connector

- universally wired for all transmitters of that connector style

Mini Pin Connector

Hirose 4 pin Connector