FOCUS PRO Base Model

Focus Pro Base unit ready to add options.

Part#  FPRO-Base

MSRP $299.99

FOCUS PRO Wireless Receiver & Bluetooth (shown right & above)

Focus Pro with built-in Wireless Receiver and Bluetooth module for music.  Includes E-mic & U-Series Body Pak Transmitter


MSRP $799.99


Part#  D30-BAG

MSRP $39.99


Part#  D30-STAND

MSRP $39.99


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Quick Look:

  1. Optional Built-in Fitness Audio UHF (16 Channel) Receiver to mate with Fitness Audio U-Series Transmitter (body pack or handheld), Handheld, or MT-U8

  2. Optional Built-in Bluetooth music streaming & USB/SD Media Player

  3. Input for instructor’s MP3 player or other devices

  4. 50 Watts of Power (RMS)  (70 Watts Max)

  5. 6.5” Full Range Speaker

  6. Li-Ion Battery Operation (9-12 hours of use depending on programing) or AC operation

  7. Optional Wireless Link Module Slot/Second Wireless Mic Receiver Slot

  8. Output for external speaker

  9. Additional Microphone and Aux inputs for maximum versatility

  10. Additional Speaker and Aux Output for connecting to larger systems

  11. Extended Warranty - 1 year system, 90 day battery

  12. Dimensions (H/W/D) 12” x 8” x 9”   Weight 8.5 lbs

Focus Pro

Focus Pro - An Upgrade to the Dynamo - lighter in weight and more powerful - the Focus Pro is a great choice for small rooms and for a good vocal assistant in contained outdoor areas.  50 watts of power with a 6.5” speaker for excellent voice reproduction.  Completely portable - rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery or plug it in and run it from standard AC - take it where you need sound. The built-in Fitness Audio wireless receiver allows you to use a dry Fitness Audio body pack transmitter and E mic or Aeromic headset or handheld transmitter for deckside instruction, lecturing, making announcements, or multimedia presentations.  The Focus Pro covers all of your music needs for fitness - with option Bluetooth music streaming, plus additional audio inputs to add the most popular personal MP3 or CD players on the market.  Optional travel bag and tripod stand.  Not intended for in water use or splash proof - water damage is not covered under warranty.

Focus Pro -

Wireless Receiver & Bluetooth

U-Series Body Pack Transmitter, & E-mic Headset - Red

Your Best Bet for Sweat!
Your Best Bet for Sweat!