The complete package - A larger unit with built in wheels and and retractable handle - Well built, durable aluminum housing - many units in operation at schools across the country -  Loud enough to use for just about any facility function where a medium sized group sound is needed.  120 watts of power with an 10” 3 way speaker should easily cover 1000 sqft with good clean sound.  Completely portable - with rechargeable battery (with built-in charger) or plug it in and run it from standard AC - take it where you need sound. The built-in Fitness Audio wireless receiver allows you to use a dry Fitness Audio body pack transmitter and E mic or Aeromic headset or handheld transmitter for lecturing, making announcements, or multimedia presentations.  The Challenger covers all of your music needs for fitness - with optional built-in Bluetooth music streaming, CD/MP3 USB player with pitch control and remote, and additional audio inputs to direct wire any line ready audio source.  Optional travel cover & tripod stand. 



Challenger Base unit ready to add options.

Part#  CH1000-BASE

MSRP $699.99

CHALLENGER with Wireless Receiver & Bluetooth

Our most Popular Configuration (shown above & right) - Base unit plus 16 Channel Wireless Receiver and Bluetooth Music Receiver - Includes E-mic & U-Series Body Pak Transmitter

Part#  CH1000-URBTHSTX

MSRP $999.99

CHALLENGER with Wireless Receiver, CD, & Bluetooth

Deluxe Configuration - Base unit plus 16 Channel Wireless Receiver and Bluetooth Music Receiver & CD with Pitch Control and USB Player - Includes E-mic & U-Series Body Pak Transmitter


MSRP $1199.99


Mesh front and easy access clear view panel means you never have to take it out of the bag - plenty of storage for those extras needed for class

Part#  CH1000-BAG

MSRP $39.99

CHALLENGER 5” Trolley Wheels

Add-on 5” Trolley Wheels great for handling outdoor situations like bad pavement, grass fields, etc.

Part#  CH1000-TRW

MSRP $99.99


Part#  ST-50

MSRP $39.99

Quick Look:

• Optional Built-in Fitness Audio UHF (16 Channel) Receiver to mate with Fitness Audio U-Series Transmitter (body pack or handheld) - or - MT-U8 (for indoor applications)

  1. Optional Built-in Bluetooth music streaming

  2. Optional Built-in CD/MP3 USB Player with Pitch Control with remote

  3. Multiple inputs for other line-out audio sources

  4. 10” Full Range Speaker

  5. 120 Watts(RMS) of Power

  6. Up to 6 hours with Lead Acid - AC use as well

  7. Output for external speaker

  8. Additional microphone and music inputs for maximum versatility

  9. Waterproof - In Pool - AMA Baqua Pak Transmitter Option - H20

  10. Extended Warranty - 1 year system, 90 day battery

  11. Dimensions (H/W/D) 20” x 14” x 12”   Weight 40 lbs

CHALLENGER Best Seller - Wireless Receiver/Bluetooth/Media Player


Wireless Receiver/Bluetooth/Media Player/CD with Pitch Control

U-Series Body Pack Transmitter, & E-mic Headset - Red

Your Best Bet for Sweat!
Your Best Bet for Sweat!