Quick Look:

  1. Creates sweat resistant connections

  2. Impervious to salt water and sweat

  3. Will not attract dust

  4. Non Silicon Based

  5. Non Petroleum Based

  6. Not affected by Heat - prevents the grease drip syndrome

  7. Not affected by Moisture

  8. Does not alter electronic or electrical properties

  9. Di-Electric strength: 12KV

  10. Operating temperature: -40C to +180C


The best sweat protection for your electronics.  A small dab will sweat protect connectors, cables and contacts for months.  50ml Tubes & 10ml Tubes

Part#  EGLOOP-50G

MSRP $34.99

Prevent the crackles and extend the life of your wireless headset mic system with E-Gloop. Works great on Cardio equipment or in any environment where you need to protect electrical connections against sweat, water, or destructive fluids.

Fitness Audio E-Gloop is specifically formulated to provide protection for surfaces exposed to aggressive environments, including edge connectors, plugs, and sockets. It is synthetic grease incorporated with Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors. Its high dielectric properties will not affect electronic or electrical characteristics. Unlike conventional grease, it does not harden, contains no wax, and remains free flowing. When applied to a surface, it forms a moisture repellent film, which keeps the components dry. The vapor phase corrosion inhibitors provide additional protection to the metal against corrosion attack. The product has excellent thermal and oxidation stability. It does not contain silicon and will not leave deposits of silicone on surfaces.


Your Best Bet for Sweat!
Your Best Bet for Sweat!