Control Qube

Quick Look:

  1. Aeromix Mini - Mixer with front iJax input & separate Mic & Music Tone Control

  2. Fitness Audio U-Series Wireless Mic System - with choice of Body Pak or MT-U8 Transmitter

  3. AeroLink Wireless music connection

  4. Custom Mini 1/2 Rack Cabinet - 12.5” W x 8.5” H x 9” D

  5. Includes 1/4” TRS 1M cables for connection to lines to Powered Speakers or lines to an Amplifier/Speaker set up.

  6. Link for optional Trigger SPL Listening device (LM-30) for ‘Audio Slap’ - 15 db temporary music ducking

  7. EVAC Link - where required by code

  8. iJax Connection Cable included

We’ve bundled our 1/2 rack products and produced a compact control system that pairs with any powered speaker or amplifier and speaker combination.  This is a great control unit for some one looking for all the necessities in a small compact unit that can be mounted on a wall, tucked away in a cabinet, or mounted on a stand next to a stationary bike.  Just add a power strip (for complete system on/off) and extension cables to either a hidden amplifier and speaker set-up or directly to powered speakers for a complete Fitness Sound System for any size room (room coverage is a function of room size vs amplification & speakers needed - the control portion remains the same for all).  Install this easy to use set-up in multiple rooms to simplify staff training and improve sound quality without needing a big system rack.

If sound control is needed you can add an optional Trigger LM-30 for sound monitoring with a 15 db ‘audio slap‘ temporary ducking for the music should the class get too loud. 

See below for a list of components and options.  Package prices will vary depending on the microphone headset/transmitter package chosen to complete the system.

Audio Products ‘Fit for Use’

Trigger (shown right)

Wall mountable sound pressure level (SPL) monitor with linkable feature to control sound system volume limits when connected to Govnor Limiter or Audio Slap instructors 15 db when connected to the Aeromix 2+2DC - this is an optional add-on for this system

Part#  LM-1

MSRP $199.99

CONTROL QUBE (shown below)

Complete System - Aeromix Mini, FA U-Series Wireless Receiver, AeroLink Bluetooth Music Player, Custom Rack, Mounting Kits for all Components, and your choice of transmitter headset microphone below:

with Mini Transmitter & E-Mic Headset

Part#  CQ-BPEM1

MSRP $999.99

with Body Pak Transmitter & E-Mic Headset

Part#  CQ-BPEM1

MSRP $999.99

with Mini Transmitter & Aeormic or Cyclemic Headset


MSRP $1199.99

with Body Pak Transmitter & Aeormic or Cyclemic Headset


MSRP $1199.99